I'm doing great!

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Had my surgery last Wed and doing great! Had modification of an open non healing abdominal wound left from my tram surgery last year. Also had some shaping on the reconstructed breast and the real one. What a difference a good doctor can make.
FYI I had posted before my surgery about the hangover from anesthesia I had experienced in the past. Didn't happen this time and the only thing different was he gave me 3000 cc's of fluid during surgery. Hummmm......
Warm thoughts, Beth


  • jeancmici
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    Is this wound now closed? So glad you finally found a good doctor. You must have mean feelings toward the other ( referring to my feelings in the other post). I never had a problem after surgery from the anesthesia except years ago when they did breast biopsies under general anesthesia and they gave me too much of something - my first and worst experience with surgery - or even being in a hospital.

    Merry Christmas!
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    Surprising what a little fluid will do for the brain...well, all the organs for that matter!
    Glad all went so well, hummb