bowel retraining after colorectal surgery

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I recently had a ileostomy reversal( 2 mths ago). I take 2 tsp metamurcil two times a day. I have to go numerous times to the toilet, but each time there is only a small evacuation. can anyone tell me about their experiences and how they have improved it. thanks


  • aleftina
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    It took me about a year after the surgery to get back to normal, I didn't have ileostomy.
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    I didn't have a ileostomy but I can't take the metamurcil its to harsh for me I take a natural laxtive and that seems to work and when I have to take any pain pills I also drink prune juice. I seemed to be ok with. But I do have alot of problems with very pain full gas that nothing seems to help.
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    Hi Teri,

    I had my ileostomy reversed and never had a problem with it afterwards at all. I don't take any meds or metamucil or anything. I was told though, that you can have intestinal changes for up to 36 months (3 yrs). Unless you think you may have some narrowing that needs attention, or are feeling like it's something more, I'd give it some time.

    Hope I helped,

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    Hi teri1,

    No, I never had a ileostomy but I did have narrowing of the bowel approximately 9cm or 4 inches. This happened a the site where the two peices of the bowel were reconnected. We did a barium and a colonoscopy on me and thats all it showed. Try and eat soft food that is easy to breakdown and move through your system faster also drink lots of water. I also have a tablespoon of metamucil every second day, and prune juice is excellent as well. Now I have everything under control..

    Have A Nice Day!!!
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    Hi Teri,
    I had my ileostomy reversal two months ago as well. I have had bowel obstructions that cause difficulty with eating and evacuation. I too am in the bathroom every 45 min. - 1 hour and this subsides by 3:30 am and only a small amount of stool. I've just started (4 days ago) each morning 2 T. of flax seed oil and 6 oz. of aloe vera juice chased with 16 oz. of distilled water. Today I am making miso soup. I feel out of balance, as if my system is acidic. I am trying to eat and drink things that are more alkaline. I get the impression this process is about patience. The progress seems slow that to compare day to day can be discouraging. I look week to week and see some movement forward.

    Good Luck, Lauriann