advice requested: Mom with stage IV B uterine cancer

Hello, in Nov.03', my Mom was diagnosed with stage IV B uterine cancer w/ metastasis to the lung and liver. It is the most common form, but it is an aggressive grade 3 cell. She is 55 years old. They will not do a hysterectomy until the nodules in the lung shrink. The lung is producing tachycardia in her heart. Her doctors remain tight-lipped about details, but gave the family a grim prognosis of 6 months to a year. Her 1st chemo started 2 wks ago with Taxol & Carboplatin. The 1st chemo did not effect the nodules in her lung, but they want to give 2 more chemos before assessing her response. How do we find the best treatment? Has anyone tried integrative alternative and nutritional therapies? Does anyone have opinions about prayer, or guided imagery? Are their any opinions about the carboplatin taxol combination? It seems like it has been used for several years. I wonder what its success is with uterine cancer. It is so difficult to find answers. I am working on an appointment at the Moffitt Center in Tampa, FL. Has anyone found hope at a Center, is it worth the trip? It is difficult to know what is best. How long has it been since your initial diagnosis? The CA-125 can have a false negative, but there is little stastical information available on the internet. I am sorry I do not have any information regarding that. I apologize for the excessive questions. I appreciate any responses.


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    Hi Jashe,

    I can't really answer your questions but suggest that you check out this website: It is VERY active site and has a forum called Cancer Concerns. You might be able to get info on the Moffit center from someone there. Good luck and my best wishes to your mom.
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    You do have a lot of questions, but there is a lot of information available. From what I've learned about CA-125, the test is not very dependable because it can be affected by a number of factors not related to ovarian or uterine cancer. I was diagnosed with uterine 1B and ovarian 1C, so I've done a lot of reading about both.

    The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (SGO) has a website ( that shows their members, and they have another site, the Women's Cancer Network ( that has a "Find a Doctor" selection, and Endometrial Cancer Statistics. You might want to look at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Trials ( to see if there are any active in your area, too (there are also a lot of statistics available at the site). I went to a hospital and gynecologic oncologist that were about 100 miles from my home for surgery, then had chemo in my home area. I've had little to complain about, but it's all very scary.

    I was treated with Taxol and Carboplatin, but I feel that was more because of the Ovarian Cancer (OVCA) than for the Uterine Cancer (UTCA); I believe UTCA is typically treated with radiation, but your Mom has special circumstances. I am 50 now, but was 49 when I was diagnosed in August 2002 with UTCA; it was staged along with the OVCA that was uncovered when I had the hysterectomy.

    Taxol is used to "freeze" the cancer cells while the carboplatin kills them. I read a book by Steven Piver, M.D. and Gene Wilder called "Gilda's Disease". The various drugs that are used in treating OVCA are discussed in the book, and you may find the descriptions of how the drugs were discovered and why they're used useful. Although it's written mostly around OVCA, it discusses a number of drugs, and your Mom may run into a discussion of other treatments that may be suggested that are described in the book. I read the book in two sittings, and kept reading "new" things to my husband as I went along because I learned so many things from it.

    My ob/gyn said that she has seen some good effect with some patients with noni juice. I don't know anything about it, really, but I have seen it mentioned in the OVCA discussion board.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions on these boards! I'm sure if anyone has a suggestion or answer for you, they'll answer. I'm suprised that there aren't more discussion on this board, considering it's the fourth most common cancer in women, behind lung, breast, and colon cancer.

    Best wishes to your Mom and you! Please email me via the Network if you would like; I'll keep you both in my prayers.
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    Hello, I have been checking out a few sites on Alternative therapy. Most has to do with reducing sugar because cancer feeds on it and doing a high alkaline diet... you can search under google or similar. I have no idea what image therapy is, but I know that Prayer works. A couple things to know first is that God didn't put this on your mother, he's a good God. But whats great is he's made a way for her to be healed..through his son Jesus. It takes our faith to get it done. I'm in my 20's and know a few people who was diagnosed with terminal cancers and have had miracles happen in their lives. Please email with questions..take care.
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