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I know that Taxotere/Taxol cause problems with pain and tingling in your hands..but is it normal to have fluid drain from your nail beds? I had two fingers that had an infection so I'm on antibiotics for that. This is really discouraging. The numbness is starting to fade a little but I don't understand the drainage?
Please help.. Thanks, Karen


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    No problems with my fingernails, but since chemo I seem prone to similar infections around nail bed of big toe, both sides. Thank goodness it's only one at a time, so far!
    Skin next to nail gets red and puffy, sore and then starts to drain. Thankfully, the frequency of infection is getting less and less.
    My best guess is, since chemo targets cells that divide rapidly, cancer, hair, nails...there are lasting effects that just take time to wear off. Just look at how many people say thier hair is different......different color, texture. I think our nail beds are the same way, they are more vulnerable to infection. You might want to make sure they aren't staying too wet, like with dishes, hairdresser, even wearing gloves, all may increase risk of infection. My suggestion is to try to keep them dry and avoid nail polish, tips, etc. Worth a try to see what happens. Hang in there, this too shall pass! God bless. hummingbyrd
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    I don't know if this will help as I only had A/C and no nail infection. Some years ago I had a terrible infection in all of my nails, fell off and pus and dreadful smelling also very painful. I was a dog groomer, and found Australian Tree Tea Oil was the only thing that worked and it really worked great.Worth trying. Love to All. Linda
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    All I got was fluid filled blisters all over my hands and feet. BIG ones but I never had your problem- How awful for you and hope the ideas you get help. Good Luck- Blessings, Candy
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    While I was on Taxol, probably after my 2nd treatment, I had fluid come out from under one of my big toes. I thought forsure that I would lose the nail. Dr. prescribed an antibiotic, and I still have the nail today. I am in the midst of radiation right now and the nail looks normal. Hope this helps.
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    Hi Karen:

    So sorry to hear about your nail problem.

    I didn't have any Taxanes...just the A/C but shortly after completing the course, my right great toenail began to split near the end. I kept it clipped very short and straight across, to help encourage stronger regrowth. I also took care to keep the toenail well moisturized and weekly (very gently, following a bath when the skin is very pliable)pushed the cuticle back. It was almost a year before the split stopped recurring...just got smaller and smaller and finally was gone. Never had any redness in the skin/cuticle, infection or oozing fluid but it occurs to me that allowing your nails to get adequate air circulation would certainly help, as in Hummer's advice. I'd also take care not to expose your hands to harsh chemicals, including heavily scented lotions/creams, soaps, etc.. Use the purest stuff you can find.

    Wondering if a fungus infection is the culprit? If so, it may require more than antibiotics to cure it...Lamasil, etc.. Just a thought. May be worth asking your doc to do a culture to determine what "type" of infection it is, if that hasn't been done yet, so the treatment may be better targeted.

    Good luck and hope you find something which helps soon.

    Love, light and laughter,