my sister was diagnosed with hodgkins

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hey there my sister was diagnosed with hodgkins they think first stage. she has to go for a pet scan bone marrow check lung test ekg and has to have a catheter
she is 20 years old and real scared we all are so she is looking for support... and so am I she has 6 cycles of abvd no radiation yet
her email is my email is so please anyone that can help support we are really in need for some help here thank you to all!!!!!!! any help would be so appreciated


  • hinkley
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    I am very sorry to hear about your sister and I know exactly what you are going through. My wife was diagnosed with HD stage 3 in September. She is 30 years old and had her 2nd chemotherapy treatment today. She is also going to have 6 months of ABVD. What your sister is going through right now is the worst part - the shock of the diagnosis and all the tests. Once my wife started the treatment, things settled down a lot. She is still able to work and do most of the things she would normally do. She just takes it easy for the few days following treatment. Things will get much easier for your sister once she gets the tests over with and begins treatment.

    Just try to stay focused and don't let the fear run your life!

    Best of luck to your sister and your family.

  • joco
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    hey i am 17 years old an i just finished up with treatment. tell ur sis if she has a positive attitude she will do great. nothing in life comes easy
  • sise123
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    my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 hodgkins on 9/5/95. she took 6 months of chemo and has been in remission ever since. they consider her cured now. it is very scary but just stick together and you all will be fine.