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i have an aunt who is dealin wit cander recently diagnosed.she has had an operation 2 remove a tumor recently but yet has no recieved any treatment.we need sum kind of doctor or hospital where she can be traeted. her docotrs are very irresponcible.they tell her one day and then it turns out that he was on vacation so everytime they go bak he is never there n time is passin fast n shes not lookin well...her pains have gotten so much worse n it is horrible for me to see her that way im only 16 n im scared for her everyone in my family is takin it hard and i want to help i see how she suffers n i dont want to see her that way.i want to kno is there is someway some can tell us where 2 go we live in new jersey and so far no one knows anything no resources no hospital care docotors we have nothing concrete.


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    Hi meli,

    So sorry to hear about your aunt. What a wonderfully brave niece you are to look to help her. I live in Indiana, so do not know much about who might be available in your area. Tomorrow I can call my oncologist and see if she can refer you to someone in your area. How old is your aunt? Were the surgeries successful? Please don't lose hope...I will try my best to get back here tomorrow with a doctor in your area.

    Take Care,

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    If you still need help go to the nearest emergency room.Locate your county or regional hospital.There should be a county nurse you can contact.If you need an ambulance call 911.New Jersey is in a large metropolitan area.You are to be commended for your concern and resourcefulness.As others on this site have recommended call the American Cancer Society.Keep records of every one you see and everything you are told.
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    If you live in South Jersey there is the Center for Cancer & Hematoligic Disease in Cherry Hill. Thats where I go the phone number is 856-424-3311, they also have an office in Hammonton. I don't know if you need a referral to go there but it won't hurt to check.
    Good luck and my prayers are with you.
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    I found a number of doctors in "New York" magazines June 16, 2003 issue titled "Best Doctors". They have the doctors listed by specialty. If you can buy the issue that's great, or maybe go to your local library to read it. I have taken the liberty of listing some doctors found in this magazine for your review below. I live in Jersey, but I don't quite know where your located, so I'll give you some in Jersey and some in New York. I can not personally attest to any of these doctors, but they are listed as the best in/around the city.
    Colon and Rectal Surgeons:

    Dr. Mark Helbraun
    Colonoscopy, rectal cancer. Located in Hackensack, NJ. Phone (201) 525-1660

    Dr. Ronal White
    Hemorrhoids, colon cancer, laparoscopic surgery. Located in Englewood, NJ. Phone (201) 567-7615

    Dr. Theodore E. Eisenstat
    Colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease. Located in Middlesex. Phone (732) 494-6640

    Dr. Jeffrey M. Milsom
    Laparoscopic gastrintestinal surgery, colon and rectal cancer. Located at Weill Cornell/NY Presp. Hospital. Phone (212) 746-6030
    Medical Oncologists (the chemo people):

    Dr. Nancy Kemeny
    Colon, liver, and rectal cancer. Located at Sloan Kettering in Manhattan. Phone (212) 639-8068

    Dr. Howard S. Hochster
    Gastrintestinal, gynecologic, and colon and rectal cancer. Located at NYU Med in Manhattan. Phone (212) 652-1912

    Hope this helps.
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    thank u so much 4 vereything whoever send me notes it helped so much i told my aunts daughter bout it all n now shes doin a lil better she gettin chemo n i hope she gets better n better everyday if theres anymore info u think is good 2 kno please send it 2 me i always read these notes n im so thankful every1 has used a likl lil time n write 2 me thank u so much