ultrasound is over

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Thank you for your prayers. Sandis I hope your biospy turns out as we all pray, normal! Cyst was scar tissue left from radiation and may be there for years!!!! As long as it is not cancer back I can live with it. Inkblot your words are always wonderful. I have printed many a letter and taken it along on chemo and radiation days. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Linda


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    WONDERFUL news Linda!!! I know you're very relieved and we're all relieved for you.

    Stay strong.

    Love, light and laughter,
  • Sandis
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    I'm so glad things went well for you. You were in my prayers before I went to sleep last night. The lump the oncologist thought might be metastatic cancer in the skin was a cyst. I'm going to a different surgeon to have her look at the lumps in the breast that had cancer, but the plastic surgeon said she wasn't worried. (Of course that's easy for her to say since its not her breast). But, I do feel much better and expect to get a good night sleep. My appointment with my surgeon is in one week so I don't have to wait so long this time and I really think its nothing. But your prayers are appreciated. Sandi