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Hedy There,

About 1 week ago my mom(stage IV) had bypass of the colon surgery..not a colostomy. She came home yesterday and is now throwing up, very weak, and seems depressed. Has anyone had this reaction before or know of anyone who has had this reaction from surgery? She has an appt with onc. tomorrow. I am afraid she is starting to give up hope!! She was actually acting better when she was in the hospital.

Thanks for your help!!



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    I can't help you there but I am glad she is seeing her dr. I'm sure they will be able to help. Keep us posted on how she is doing.
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    Ahoy, Indy -

    Natural to be weak. Depressed attitude is probably to be expected, too. Walks outside (even up there in the frozen wasteland of Michigan) will help to improve her attitude and her physical state. Now is a great time to do stuff like Fall festivals, pumpkin patches, apple picking, etc.

    Has she started chemo? That could be a source of nausea; could be diverticulitis, could be any one of a host of things. My best throw-up story is this: Christmas 2001. I invited my sister and brother in law over for a huge Christmas dinner (I love to cook and can't cook dinner for just one person). It was my first Christmas on my own so I pulled out all the stops on dinner. I got up at 4:30 am to cook and cooked all day. Finally, everything was done - no sooner had I served up everyone's plate then I had to run to the bathroom and be sick! Needless to say I didn't eat a bite of the dinner I had prepared (but thank heaven for left overs! Oh, yeah, and my sister felt so bad for me, she did the dishes).

    Anyway, regarding your mom's nausea - glad to see you're having her onc check it out. Good plan.

    Be well and enjoy the autumn!

    - SpongeBob