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Hi Everyone,

I am alittle scared. for the past few weeks I have been hurting on the lower left of my back and also between my shoulder blades. I have a Onc. appt in a week should I be concerned or blame it on the tamoxifin and sleeping wrong.
Thanks Leenie


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    At this time of year, everyone gets a little busier with chores and preparations for autumn/winter. Think back and try to remember whether you were moving boxes of clothing, or painting or even shopping for school clothes. An increase in activity or even just a change in the type of activity you are doing can pop something out of place. And of course, you are right that you could have simply slept in a funny position on a night that became cooler than usual. Be sure to let the doctor know, and pass the worry along to the doctor. Hugs, Denise
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    Great advice! Even a heavier then usual purse with a shoulder strap can cause neck and shoulder pain and Tomoxifen does cause bone pain. make a short diary of the pain so you can better explain it to the doctor. I always get there and find it really hard to explain things once I take my clothes off. Don't really understand but..... If I write it down at home I do much better. Good Luck, Beth
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    Try not to worry, if its a muscle strain or spasm the tension will just make it worse. You did the right thing by making an appt with your onc. He can set your mind at ease. In the mean time pamper yourself, soak in a bathtub, maybe even get a massage, but drink lots of water! Massages release toxins built up in the muscles so you need the water to flush them out. Great advice from the other ladies, but Beth I just don't understand...talking to someone without your clothes on makes you forget your questions!
    Can't imagine! LOL Loved it!
    Keep us posted on what doc says. God bless.
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    Pass the worry along to the won't hurt to let him/her know.

    Karen reilly