lump on reconstructed breast update, etc.

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Thanks for those of you who wrote me and encouraged me to see my doctor. I went to the oncologist today who is concerned that the cancer might have metatisized to the skin. She wants me to have it biopsied by the plastic surgeon who doesn't have time to see me until Oct 14th so I'm waiting again. I've never heard of breast cancer metastisizing to the skin. Does anyone have a source on this I could read more? Thanks


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    As awful as it is, it is better to know and deal with it than not know. Look at which has a whole section on breast cancer metastasis to the skin. Also do an search for breast cancer metastasis. When you called the plastic surgeon's office, did you explain that your oncologist wants you to have a biopsy to detemine whether or not breast cancer has metastasized to your skin? Would your oncologist call the plastic surgeon's office to try to negotiate an earlier appt? It may be nothing, and we'll all keep that happy thought. Hugs, Denise
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    Now that is a nightmare, 7 yrs ago, i had a double mastectomy to reduce this lump shenanigan to smithereens....but here you go, i hope it is nothing but a silly fright. How can you develop anything on something that looks like barbie doll boobs....god help us all, and good luck to you, i guess this is a neverending story. take care, and please let us know what happened. good luck, xxxx senabel