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umm hey to anyone who is reading this im jade,i waz just a normal 15 year old girl whoz social life was her being until i began getting tired and had an uncontrolable cough, i began to get worried as u do and my mum took me to the doctors i was refered to the hospital and was diagnosed and until this day have hodgkins disease!
it was like oh my god i dont know what it was like! i just felt like hiding,climing into a cupboard an abnormal girl and just to come out normal go to school(i never thought i would miss school ironic eh?)go out with my friends just to have some sense of normality.but all things normal have gone without a trace, normal doesnt really exist anymore.its hard but its just a test! a very emotional sick test.im strong i always have been but sometimes its ok not to be honestly a good cry or scream does the world of good (trust me i have had a few) an if ne1 is reading this and is suffering or is caring for some1 who is please dont shut each other out,giv each other lots of cuddles but wudnt u just love to take the needle from the nurse and say "hahaha my turn".b4 this i had never been to a hospital just to visit and now i have to go every monday woohoo!but yeah the nurses,doctors are there to help an i appreciate that i just wish i could see less of them.i would never dream in a million years this could happen to me and it has u just have to accept it, see the bright side it will make you stronger we are soldiers and will survive!God is never too far away,and theres always that angel by your side...but if your reading this and ur fingers are lying idol cross them would you? jade martin


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    I'll cross my fingers, my toes and my eyes too if that helps Jade. I'll keep you in my prayers also.
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    Hey, I've been writing to a few people in this forum who have had Hodgkin's Disease. I am 21 and a little over 5 years off treatment. But, my situation was similar to yours. If you feel like talking about it at all or need any words of advice, hope, etc, feel free to email me at cgm121@psu.edu. Hopefully I could help :)

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