kim22?? bone scan results?

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You mentioned that you were having a bone scan for the pain that you had in your shoulder/arm/rib in a post of mine called "weird arm pain". I'm just wondering how things turned out. I hope the scan was clear.
Let me know if you can


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  • KimInBeirut
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    Thank you for asking! The bone scan said I had bones.....but nothing else!! :) In other words, it went well.
    The final diagnosis could only be attributed to "doing too much/too fast/too soon" as far as exercising goes. I guess I just went a little overboard. My last surgery was in Jan, and my final radiation was Mar. My 3 month follow up looked good. I thought it was time I got off my butt and started exercising!!!
    The end result was that I have severe muscle inflamation due to overstressing the surgical sights. It's put me pretty much out of commission for over a month now, so go slow if you're exercising!! I broke a rib (or 3) from nothing at all (stress fracture type things, I guess).....
    Again, thanks for asking....I hope this helps some!