I have had my last chemo treatment about 90 days ago. I felt good but now I am in pain most of the time and have become depressed, I seem to be going backwards. I sometimes feel that the cancer is returning and spreading through out my body. How long will I feel bad?


  • kallie
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    Hang in there..I felt good when I was going thro chemo, after I felt awful. My whole body ached liked one big toothache. It has been 6 months since my last chemo and I still am in pain. I had radiation and that didn't help. I take codeine to help with the pain. I found if I move around a lot , walk or lightly excercise I feel better.
    I have had lots of ct scans and they haven't found any more cancer. The pain has eased up some I don't know when it will go away. Don't get depressed, you are alive. Tell your Dr. about your pain , he can give you something, until it eases up. Pray God does answer prayers.
    If you need to talk e-mail me at [email protected] Good luck!