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I just finised 14 of 36 radiation treatments. I am stating to turn really pink on my radiated breast and part of my chest. There is one spot on my chest that really itches badly. I am putting on the Biafine ointment like 3 times a day but it still itches really bad. Any suggestions ?


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    Several people have mentioned using pure aloe vera gel because it is a natural moisturizer completely absorbed into the skin. sells Jason Natural's 98% aloe vera super gel and I put a bottle up here in the computer room, one in the living room, one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. Then, I found has 99.6% pure organic aloe vera gel and purchased a quart. The latter ought to be refrigerated after opening. Neither has artificial color, fragrance, or preservatives. I have only completed 7 partial treatments because the top half cannot be done until the area where my infected port was removed fills in and grows skin over a very deep hole in my chest. Tonight, I noticed that the treated area did look rather bright pink or faint red, but so far no itching. Perhaps you can use the pure aloe vera on the itchy part immediately after showering and do everything else the same. If they are available in your area, you can also buy a live plant and snip off a stalk to let the pure gel soothe that area, or purchase some stalks in the local supermarket if you see them. I have never tried this, but we have a sunroom and it might be the best method. Hope this helps. Love, Denise
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    I have just finished 21 of 33 treatments - I also have one area that is itchy - I use an aloe gel each night at bedtime. I cover the complete area being radiated. That seems to keep it moist. I also have an aloe plant, I asked the doctor if I could use that if the redness got bad and he said that would be great. Your local drugstore should have aloe gel - same type that people use for sunburns will work.

    Good luck.
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    I finished my 33 radiation treatments this past March. Having very fair skin (I refer to it as my cheap Irish skin), I developed severe itching fairly early on despite using Biafene and aloe gel. My radiation oncologist told me I could use cortisone cream on the itchy area (I think it was 1%) and it clearly it up immediately. Ask your doctor. Good luck.
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    I used Sarna Lotion for radiation itching. It is a menthol lotion that worked very well for me. Good luck!
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    I have completed all my rads (33), but I also had an area of itching. My dr. had given me Aquaphor and I used it 2X day. When any part would itch, I would put that on and it stopped it. My skin actually turned very red towards the end, redder than you could imagine it could ever get. But the Aquaphor seemed to keep it from peeling much and by 3 weeks after rads ended, almost not sign that I ever had it. My skin is not thinned or damaged, in fact it looks healthier than before the rads.

    Good luck,