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Hello Everyone!
I am doing my own amateur *research* on the types of medicines and chemotherapy people have had or are currently taking. If you wouldn't mind giving me the names and even the dosage, but I will settle for just names of meds, I would really appreciate it! Please dont worry about spelling :-) You can email me here or leave a reply to this post. Thank you very much for your time and help.
leukemia survivor; remission of 7 years


  • spongebob
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    Hi, Michael -

    First, let me say congratulations on being a 7 year winner!

    Next - my chemo consisted of 4 cycles of 5-FU and Leukovorin. Once a week for 4 weeks on/2 weeks off. I understand that's pretty much a standard regime.

    Good luck with your research.

    Stay well.

    - SpongeBob
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    28 session of radiation; 5FU/LU on Fridays, three weeks on, one off for 5 months. Campasine for nausea. A lot of praying. A lot of support from a son and a friend. A lot of reading and soul searching.
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    Hi Michael, I had stage 2 colon cancer which was discovered March 2003. My treatment is similar to Spongebob's. I have the same medication 5FU and Leucovorin, but my cycles are once a week for six weeks with two weeks off for a total of 24 treatments. My IV drip usually takes only 45-60 minutes so it is pretty quick. I have had 14 treatments so far, only 10 more to go. Continued good luck to you. Regards, Arlene
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    hey mc,

    2 years juicing fresh veggie juices daily with added protein powder, greens powder and flax seed.
    Chinese herbs too many to name here.
    Daily vitamins and minerals and amino acids and enzymes.
    6 months of weekly then bimonthly treatments of acupuncture, massage, lymphatic drainnage. Counseling. Yoga. Prayer. chiropractic. Coffee enemas. Essiac Tea. Feeling great!

    cheers, emily