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Hello Everyone!
I am doing my own amateur *research* on the types of medicines and chemotherapy people have had or are currently taking. If you wouldn't mind giving me the names and even the dosage, but I will settle for just names of meds, I would really appreciate it! Please dont worry about spelling :-) You can email me here or leave a reply to this post. Thank you very much for your time and help.
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    Hey MC,

    I'll share any information that you want. I had 16 ABVD treatments followed by 5 weeks of daily chest and neck radiation. The Hodgkins never really went away, so next was high dose chemo - ICE. It did a fair job on the tumors which made me a good candidate for a stem cell transplant. In preparation for the transplant I got cycolphosphamide, BCNU and etoposide. If you want a drug list post transplant it is VERY long, but one year later I am down to synthroid and femHRT. My e-mail at home is if you need more detailed or omitted information.