very tired of drs and test.

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3/20/03 was the start of another health problem for my daughter. with a bone growth problem both knees/legs - drs & three surgeries since age 2. now at the age of 15 she should be done with drs and enjoy life; she started the spring off with stage 3 hodgkins, neck,chest,spleen. and so the battle began. now after cheom/raid i don't know what to plan. drs won't tell me what sept holds. I want to scream the drs don't understand single mom of two 10/15 and tring to work and schd time off for my daughters apts. i'm lost and feel so tired. thanks for listening.


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    As a mother my heart goes out to you, My son was fiagnoised hodgkins III B on Feb. 2002, and after chemo (abvd) stem cell transplant, and radiation. the cancer is still there. Tho the doctor said there is not any more options my son has decided to undergo more chemo treatment. My heart breaks everyday, so I know the pain that you are going through. What I have learned is to be stong for them, and the doctor is not always right. There are a lot of new procedures for hodgkins and most suvive. My pray are with you. Have faith and believe. If you want to e=mail me my E-mail address is Debra
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    I was very touched by your story, I survived stage 2 of Hodgkins, but would have been devastated if it was one of my children. I think that dr"s in all, are a pretty unfeeling lot. I think that there is that same all powerful complex that they most have. You must be in such pain. But I was treated at Hopkins, and it broke my heart when I saw the little children, so I can empathize with you. I always thought, how can this happen, take me. at least I am 29.
    But some did not stay. Please hold out hope, and love them, trust the physicians, and Be as strong as you can. Which I know is easy to say but harder in Life. And you must tell your daughter to wish this pain and disease away, every night before she sleeps. Mentally you can help defeat the disease.
    Please tell me how she is in the future.
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    Hey, not sure this will help, but i also had Hodgkin's. i was 13 - 14 when it happened. Please never give up hope and never EVER stop fighting. always have faith. Also, anything is possible if you believe it is. 11 years after my second bout with cancer i summited Mt. Everest... see, miracles do happen :) keep plugging away!!!