my pappy has colon cancer

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I was 25 when my Pappy was told he had cancer. I was there when we got the news and had to call my mom and tell her the bad news. It tore me up inside for the past 3 years. I love my Pappy and he also has Demenia and Althmeizers. We went through alot with him in the hospital. We almost lost him from the anesthia. I was the only one to make him laugh. To this day, I'm told from family, he loves when we visit.
In April 2002, my husband and I had a beautiful baby boy. We decided to name him after my Pappy. Now Pappy is so bad that he doesn't remember my family. It's killing me to go see him every other Sunday. He is now cancer free for serveral moths. Please if you can help me, write me.


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    Dear Happygirl,
    I am sorry to hear of your grandfathers condition. But we never know what they are thinking or who they see when they are in this state of mind. I think it is very important to surround our elders with love and tenderness. No matter what state of mind they are in. Everyone loves the touch of a hand or the kiss on a cheek. You have to talk to him like he is still coherent and knows what yo are saying. And who knows, maybe he does. Carry that precious child with you to see him. Older people love children. It sounds to me that he is very important to you and I am sure you are to him so surround him in love. He deserves that. All my best wishes and kindest regards. Sending good wishes your way, Danielle