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After 4 rounds of CMF chemo, my periods have stopped. The last one was July 10. I have started with what seem to be hot flashes in the middle of the night only, so far. I have not had any sweating, just an overheated feeling that wakes me up one or more times each night for the last week. I'm having difficulty sleeping and having bizarre dreams. After the flash (if that's what it is), I get cold but not clammy. I've not had any depression since I was diagnosed back in early April but I seem to feel that way now. I just started radiation last week (coincidentally when this all started too). I am not productive at work and have to force myself to do things in the evening- I'd rather go to bed. I have young children and don't want to miss spending time with them. Does anyone have any advice for me? Are these hot flashes or a precursor? How come I don't get any during the day or get the sweats? Is it just that I'm "warming up" (pun intended) for more intense ones? I'm 45 years old and although I knew menopause was not far away, I resent that I have to go through this early and during everything else. When I finish my round of 30 rads, I have 4 more CMF treatments.


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    Diane: I went throught 3 rounds of A/C and 3 rounds of Taxol and have not had a period since May. My oncologist said this was normal. I started having the warm flush feelings during my treatments of Taxol. I just had my 3rd of 33 radiation treatments. The doctors said the flush feelings could happen. I am only 47 and knew I was close to menopause, but my oncologist said the chemo would throw me into it. I also was not totally ready for this stage of my life - but hey I was not ready for cancer. As each flush comes over me - I am trying to look at it as because this is happening I know the drugs are in my system. So if they worked to bring menopause on -they are also working to kill any abnormal cancer cells still hanging around in my body. And that part is a good part.

    Also I know that fatigue is a big part of chemo and the doctor said also with radiation - I had to have Procrit shots weekly during chemo to increase my red blod cells - that helped with my energy level. You might want to ask your doctor about that. Listen to your body and rest - try to find things in the evening that you and your kids can do together without you having to use a lot of energy - like reading together in bed or cards.

    Good luck - Hugs and prayers are comming your way.
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    Hi Diane,
    My periods stopped after 3 rounds of chemo. I have started to experience the warm feeling over my body and outbreaks of sweating. I am 42 but it seems pretty sure that this is premature menopause. I have a friend who had chemo in '94 when she was just 33 and she has not seen her periods since. It seems this is just another side effect of the chemo that we will have to live with.
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    Diane - I am 37 years old and have also stopped my periods due to chemo. The onocologist told me that they might come back in a year or so. We will see. I did get the hot flashes, and dreams. God I love those dreams where I have hair to comb. Why is it that we don't dream of ourselves with no Hair? Anyhow. Depression is very common at this stage. Our hormones have gone wacky. Kinda worse then the teenage years we went through. I am on Zoloft - Thank God for that magic pill. I was truly ok with diagnois and handling all the stress and kids and whatever came up and then one day BAM - I needed Zoloft. I have young kids as well, and you do need your energy. Its hard on the kids - you want them to act the same and do the same things, but some days you just don't have it, and its hard for them to understand. Plus its not just a week or month that we are sick its a long time, which becomes normal for them. We watch a lot of DVDs together. I also laid out next to the pool with them and went to the beach and relaxed. I don't know if I helped, except to say your not alone girl. Hang in there - I'll be thinking of you. Cammie
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    There is absolutely no way I could have worked while receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Your expectations of what you ought to be able to do may be unrealistic within your own situation. Listen to what your body says. Epogen (Procrit) may help the lab values improve, but doesn't always pay off a big benefit in increased stamina. Be wise with your choices and take care of yourself. It is not forever.