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Just a positive note of encouragement to say that I have written several simple songs since I got the breast cancer. I was a poet and teacher before that. I am trying to stir up interest in the art of cancer survivors/victims, so KEEP UP your creativity. And keep me posted--Maggs


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    No creativity here - just humor. You'll have to work twice as hard and do some for me.
    I am not alone
    I have my CSN friends
    They understand
    Here I am normal.
    See pretty bad - but true. Smile Cammie
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    Hi Maggs - That is great! Since I got breast cancer I have started a career in photography and have had several shows. There is a great nonprofit called The Creative Center for People With Cancer they are amazing - they work with artists with cancer. I have a newsletter and featured them in my last issue. Keep up the good work! Nancy
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    Hi Maggs:

    I recently celebrated my first year out of treatments and being in relatively good health. In March, I finally tried my hand at something I always wanted to do: writing. I'm on the web and part of a wonderful group of amateur writers. I just started a chronicle of my adventures with cancer called, "The Odyssey." So far, I've posted a preface and 8 chapters. I have met so many people on this site and elsewhere who have gone through cancer. For those just getting started, I just wanted to let them know that they had plenty of company and I wanted to give them some encouraging words. My next goal is to go back to school and finish my degree to teach H.S. history. Good luck with your song writing and keep that creativity flowing.
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    Maggs, it's been years since I wrote a poem, but you hit a note from the past. Will think about writing one. Laura
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    I found creativity a wonderful outlet for my sorrow and fear. I crafts and sew and have been constantly busy with them since diagnosis. Keeps my mind on "pretty" things and off myself. Don't know how talented I am, but it does calm me. Would love to hear (or read) some of your songs. Beth