Thank you

together Member Posts: 13
Thank you all for the encouragement. We will never give up. We live in southern california, and next week we have an appointment with City of Hope. One more question, Did anyone have headaches after radiation treatment was over?


  • AlloMan
    AlloMan Member Posts: 47
    I don't remember headaches after radiation, just exhaustion. Ask the doctor for pain meds. Good luck at City of Hope (what a great name for a hospital).
  • dpomroy
    dpomroy Member Posts: 135
    Yup, I had headaches, but the farther away from radiation I got the less often I had them. Good luck at City of Hope...I'll being hoping for you both.
  • mc2001
    mc2001 Member Posts: 343
    Yes, I did have terrible headaches after radiation to my head, neck, and spine. But as time went on, the headaches minimized. Good luck and God bless.