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I have been reading this board for several months. I have found great comfort in all I have read from all of you. I am so afraid of my future that I can hardly breath some days. I am 47 years of age and was diagnosed in 1997, my tumor was estrogen positive and I had 9 nodes positive. Considered to be Stage II and went through the stem cell transplant in Nashville, TN.being told that this was extreme but would give me a slim chance of recurrence. I thought I had done everything right. Now I have had a recurrence as of Oct/02 with mets to ovaries. All removed with treatment for last 10 mths. Good news is all has been clear since Dec/02. But still scared and just needed to hear from some of you. I am new to this board but wanted to thank everyone for such good information. This is just a brief history of everything but wanted to share. Saying all this I am still an extremely positive person and have faith in God. He has seen me through everything with amazing results. I give all the glory to him for where I am today. God's Blessing to All, Angie


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    Hi Angie, WOW you have been hanging in there for awhile! Congratulations girl! Don't know what to say about your fear, except the future is always uncertain. We know not what God has in store for us, but we do know He has our best interest at heart. He loves us unconditionally and will never leave us. Plus, He will provide for you abundantly. So when fear overtakes you, face it for what it is......Satan just messing with your mind. I have found what works for me is to rebuke him in the name of the Lord. Then I ask God to take my burdens and fear in exchange for hope and peace. Doesn't sound like a fair deal, but He always trades with me! May God continue to bless you with good health, and quit wasting time worrying! It's been 6 years. HOORAY~! WEEEHEEE!! YOU GO GIRL!! ((((HUGS)))) hummb
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    Angie, i am new to this site, just diagnosed in June 03. Your e-mail gave me strength. I'm sorry about the recurrence. I understand the fear, even though I have not lived with it as long as you. I too have found great compfort in this site. One of the best things that someone has said to me is, "Satan will try and get in your thoughts, don't let him. Whenever he tries, start singing a hymn in your mind." I've been doing that and reciting Bible verses. It's all i've had to hang onto at a time when I find myself being petrified. Angie, God finds a way to bless all of us during these times. Some days are easier than others. Like i'm a pro---NOT! I just wanted to reply because I can see you are a strong person, and your post helped me. Laura
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    Hi Angie,I'm new to this discussion board and the fears that have come with being dx'd with breast cancer. Like everyone else said... PRAY when fear overwhelmes you, read the bible Rebuke satan tell him to get out of you head. Find a bible verse, a song, anything that gives you comfort, and takes you mind off the fear and repeat it. I was dx'd in April surgery in May Chemo started in July I'm 46 single with NO support from my family. I am unemployed with no income at all. But I'm still alive I have a roof over my head (for now) and I still wont let the Devil have glory over me. GOD will bring me through and you too.

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    Dear Angie,
    For me the first step has been to really define exactly what I fear. For myself, I do not fear death, but I fear the possibility of suffering. I also fear losing the richness of my life. This has helped me to develop a spiritual and philosophical faith that sustains me, even though I still have very difficult times. I would suggest you get a wonderful little book called, "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl. It is about the human spirit and our amazing ability to survive. Psalm 23 is also an inspiration and a comfort. It says to me that God may not take away our suffering but he/she/it will be there with us through it all. Think about how much you have survived so far. Did any of us ever imagine that we could get through what we have gotten through? Continue to speak and share your fears. We have all looked into the face of the "dragon." You are not alone.
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    Fear and worry are the things you need to change and can if you want to live. Many of us have had worse cancers and still are here to tell another story. I was stage 3 with 11/21 postive nodes, considered agressive at the time.
    I have friends that were told to get their life in order there were no treatments for them. After doing research they found doctors to do treatments they asked for and are here 4 and longer years later. I don't think those woman should be here but they are and continue to find things to help themselves.
    I am sorry you are cripled by your fear but only you can learned to minimize your stress and give your body the chance at healing along with your life.
    Be good to yourself always,
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    I'm a 14 year BC survivor of stage 4a. I had metatasis in liver, ovaries, bladder, colon, uterine and 11 positive nodes. Estrogen receptor positive.

    I know it's extremly difficult situation you are in. You can do it. One day at a time. Do what you need to do to make YOU feel better. Some days are going to be more difficult than others. I won't lie to you and tell you it was a breeze, because you'd know I was lying. I've had some pretty rough days but now that it's all over, I'm a better person because of it. Do what you need to do to get thru this. I had to see a psychologist to have someone non-judgemental and not emotionally involved to talk to. I just couldn't make my family or friends understand. And they all gave the pat answers to everything. I just needed to say out loud some of the things that were worrying me. I'm here to talk if you need someone who has been there! You can do it! I know it's possible. I will keep you in my prayers.
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    I saw your message to someone else that you'd read my message to her - send me your name and I will get you on all the prayer lists too! Need to talk my email is "".