question on vitamins, yoga, and the such....

kawilson Member Posts: 9
I am 25. Completed 7 ABVD treatments and have 5 more to go. I am only now starting to feel more run down and was wondering if any of you take any supplements or vitamins to help you along the way. also I was looking into yoga classes, any thoughts on that helping??


  • runr
    runr Member Posts: 15
    I am 39 and finished with 12 ABVD treatments and 5 weeks of radiation in May. I took a multivitamin and iron throughout my treatments that were prescribed by my doctor. I still take the multivitamin every day. I think the biggest thing that helped me feel better was exercising again. I had always been a runner and had stopped for 4 months after my diagnosis. I started to run again after my 6th treatment. I didn't go very far or very fast but just to be out there moving really helped(physically and mentally!) I found I could not run for several days after each treatment because I felt lousy. Each treatment did take me a bit longer to recoup from but I made it through. Good luck to you!
  • carpentert
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    Yoga is wonderful! It really helps relax and take your mind off of everything. Go for it. My doctor recommended just a standard multivitamin. He said that mega-dosing would not do any good.