Wigs and Airports

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Does anyone know if the metal stays in my wig will set off the metal detector in airports?


  • DeeNY711
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    Good gracious! I have a card to inform anyone that I have a port, but it never occurred to me that those two stiff flexible areas on the wigs had metal in them! Zounds! Consider mentioning the wig to the person standing at the metal detector. A plastic zipper with a teeny bit of metal at the bottom set a detector off at San Antonio Airport several years ago. Did you happen to see the scene in the movie "Spinal Tap" where the short little drummer had placed a big giant cucumber wrapped in foil in his pants, causing the airport metal detector wand to emit terribly loud whirring? Hugs, Denise
  • cammie
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    Augh - I never thought about that. Can you imagine having to pull the wig off and put it on the convarbelt (sp). You go first and let me know if it does. LOL Cammie
  • chef
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    I went through a couple of detectors a few months ago with my port and had no problems. I wouldn't think a wig would set it off, most stays are plastic.
  • oliverfrani
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    Hi - if this wasn't so serious it would be funny. No, it doesn't set of any alarms. At least mine never did. I traveled every week, via plane, for work with my wig and all was well.