Thank You!!!

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I am so very greatful to all of you, not just the ones who replied to my fear of tamoxifen, but to all of you for sharing. I was in a deep depression and way down in the pity pot, but now I know just how lucky I am to have options about my treatment and a place where I can get feedback and support. I actually found myself humming and smiling! This is my life right at this moment and I intend to enjoy every single moment of it, thanks to you, all of you. I fully intend to beat this...You are angels and you are all in my prayers. Picture yourself well and have a happy day!


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    First time I read your message, my brain read it as pit potty, and I thought "we've all been there in the pit on many a moment!" Moments like that still occur, but seem to pass very quickly now. The word TEMPORARY is like a life raft.... saving a corner by me for you! Love, Denise