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I wanted to let you all know that today I see the surgeon again and we're scheduling a needle biopsy for next week. I was praying when he spoke with the radiologist about my ultrasound they would feel everything was ok, but here we go again. Thanks for your prayers and concerns. This is a great site and I've found a lot of comfort here over the last 2 years. Judy


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    My prayers are with you today. The comfort that we get here is truly amazing. Stay positive and focused on being healthy. Good Luck !!!
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    Hi Judy, I went through this in the spring and I know how stressful it is waiting to find out what you're dealing with now. My thoughts will be with you. My result was good - no more cancer. I'll pray for the same for you. Diane
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    Judy, I wish you well with the biopsy. I'm sorry you are going through this again. I'm new to this, but have found this site to be quite caring. Laura
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    How are you doing? What was the outcome? Hope you are sunning on a beach somewhere and that is why you didn't post since last Thursday. Beth