Chemo effects/detoxifying???

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I'm 1/2 way through my chemo-CHOP- and it's every 3 weeks. I find it increasingly difficult to deal with, possibly psychologically more than physically, but physically I feel awful for increasingly longer periods. Is there anything I can eat/ drink/do that will help alleviate some of the misery? Thanks!


  • dpomroy
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    Each treatment IS more aren't crazy for feeling that way. If you think about it, you probably still have some of those poisons running around in your body from the last treatment when they are giving you the next one. Plus like you said both your body and mind are that much more beat up each week. Hang in there. Things that helped me were to drink tons and tons of water to flush out the poisons as soon as possible. I had a big calendar that I marked with big red Xs and had my chemos marked on it like a count down...3, 2, 1, ZERO! I have some cancer patient friends who swear by "juicing" if you want to look into what that's all about, and taking multi-vitamins. I also found that if I could do any kind of exercise at all it made me feel better, even if it was a few arm circles and leg lifts or a walk around the block. And above all don't stop talking/complaining/asking questions/seeking a listening ear whenever you need it. Good luck.
  • mike61656
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    The CHOP treatment wears you down and is progressive on many symptoms as you go. The advice on drinking lots of liquids is very good, and start well before the treatment. Except for two days after, I walked at least 30 minutes every day and kept up my work routine as best I could. In retropsect was the best thing I could do. You have to force yourself, but the more you vegetate the more tired you feel. Eat healthy and drink lots of liquids.
  • NHL2000
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    I found that drinking a lot a fluids before and during treatment help a lot, like sports drinks. The more you have to go the quicker it is out of your body. And I found out exercising help a lot. It increased my energy level and you could tell that you were sweat that crap out of your body. Just walking helped me