My typo!!!

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Um.......... It has come to my attention that I mis-worded my subject about the Breast Cancer site I had recommended just now! In no way did I mean to say Great Breasts! What I meant to say was Great Breast Cancer Site. I do not mean to express that I dont admire the female chest in a normal healthy fashion, while at the same time I do not intend to cause insult to those who must endure breast cancer and its horrible treatments and side effects. I never wanted to exemplify the attributes of some while at the same time demeaning those who are going through cancer of the breasts so with that I would like to apoplogize if my misnomer has caused any embarrassment or offense to anyone. And with that, I think I'll just stop right here!! Thank you for your understanding.


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    No offense taken. Smile, be happy.
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    MikeY.. you are ssooooo cute..who could be mad at youuuuuuuuuuuu.. I are laughing With you--not at you......