New Insurance Plan

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To be fair, I think that the state of Maryland is trying to meet the health care needs of its citizens, even cancer patients. It recently created the Maryland Health Insurance Program which appears to offer some kind of prescription coverage in addition to some plan choices at a somewhat lower cost. If it really works, it might be a creative alternative to no health insurance. Being a sceptic by nature, I am anxious to see if the "bugs" can be worked out. Cancer patients know the problems of many kinds of health plans when it comes to quality care. Let's hope this is better!


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    Maggs, for your sake, I hope this new plan helps. Insurance is a nightmare!! I use the Military Tri-Care Prime insurance and am constantly running into problems. I'll have an appt. or procedure planned and have to wait for approval. It is nerve racking. It's 4:00 a.m. right now and I can't sleep because I was thinking about if everything has been approved or not. It just adds to the stress. Laura