How do I go about getting friends here?

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i was just wondering how I go about getting to know ppl here so I can have some friends to talk to. I was diagonised a month ago and have had a masectomy and will start chemo next week, I could really use some support and friends. Thanks britches,email is


  • JKAlley
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    Hi Britches and welcome! It's so easy to make friends here, just come into the chat room. The people there are so friendly and suportive. The problem with it is, it can be tough to get into, so just keep trying. Then when you do get in, things can be out of wack as well. What I found is that I have to scroll down on the far bottom right arrow to find where to type, could be different for you. If you need to, you can double click on someone's name, you get a private chat, then whoever you get can help you through it. Just keep trying, it's worth it! I have never been one for chat rooms until I came here. If you have questions, or problems, whatever this message board is a great place too. The ladies here are wealth of info. Be glad you found this place, I sure have been. It's a crappy club to belong to, but if you have to be in a crappy club, at least you can have good people with you! Be strong and God Bless, Judy
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    We're all sisters for the cause!! Try to keep your spirits up and realize yuo are not alone. I had my prayer requests out in the church directory and all my friends and can't believe how many women have called to say they have been there and offered to show me their new boobs!! I had a bilateral on 6/3, so still recovering somewhat. Alittle swelling but feeling pretty good and looking pretty 12!! I am fortunate not to have chemo, but will wait six months for reconstruction. Please feel free to email me at Prayers! Pam
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    Hi Britches. Welcome aboard. I am pretty new here myself. It's a wonderful place to visit. Sometimes when I come for answers and help, I find other people who are in a lot worse shape than myself. It takes my mind away from "Me". I had a lumpectomy w/ neg. nodes and neg margin. I had a port put in, which i hate and it hurts all the time, and I start chemo next Tues. So you have a lot of new friends who are going in the same direction! LOL to you and God Bless, Amelia PS e-mail if you want at
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    Hi Britches,
    I was diagnosed last month also and had a lumpectomy and sentinel biopsy on June 9th. I have found everyone in the chat room to be wonderful people and they are so comforting and supportive.

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    hi britches people here are very helpfull and just in case you cant get into the chat room here is my hotmail .
    I have added you to my msn list please accept it and add me so if you ever feel like talking i'm always on at night EST
    Hugs and good luck, Mariateresa
  • AngelBaby
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    I had my biopsy on May 2nd. Diagnosed May 8th. Left mastectomy on May 29th. Will see Oncologist in a week.
  • bunnie
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    Hi just wanted to repeat what everyone else has said the chat room is a great place have meet a lot of wonderful people.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Bunnie
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    hello, like the others have said, it is pretty easy to make friends. The chat room is great. and you just jump in and start talking. There is another great place It is a message board where we just talk and have fun. Sandy.
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    Britches, Welcome to the club- We are here for you anytime hon, Im almost a year out now and would be more than happy to ''walk ya thur it'' as the saying goes. Much luck and God Bless