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I had my breast and one node removed last March 1st. Today I was told that my tumor marker, which has averaged around 30, is at 300. I am scared! What can this mean?


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    Hopefully all it means is that tumor markers can scare the h*ll out of you! I'm guessing you speak of the CA 27.29, mine is high also. Can't tell you what cause I haven't had it checked in about 3 months. I was diagnosed June 2000, markers did start elevating after chemo and radiation in Dec 2001. That was AFTER we discovered I had 2 bone mets, Aug 2001 and Sept 2001, when markers just slightly elevated.
    I have had bone scans, CT scans, MRI of brain, mammograms, blood tests, etc....markers are still going up, 18 months later, and Praise The Lord, no active disease can be found. Baylor College of Medicine says they don't do the markers because they 'scare women too much' and 'don't correlate well with disease'. Sooooooo, all this to say, Lord willing it's nothing, but being the compulsive person I am, I would request a bone scan and a CT of my lungs, abdomen and pelvis. MRI of brain if really compulsive. Discuss all this with your doctor and see what he recommends. If he doesn't do the studies, and you want them, which initially I would, then get you another doctor. The next most important thing is to get ahold of your fear. It will do you more harm than anything else. For helpful hints try www.urcctc.com
    we have a message board there also, if you need prayer, but first and foremost read the front page. Maybe it will help calm you some. God bless, everything will be fine! hummingbyrd
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    It can mean a lot of things. If you've had chemo or rads, those can cause your tumor markers to rise. So can a cold or infection. My friend had a scare like yours once and it was a lab mistake.
    Take care and keep us posted - Diane
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    Thankyou for your help hummingbyrd and Diane. You both really set my mind at ease and now I can move ahead to have all the tests and feel more relaxed about it. Carol