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I have been a breast cancer survivor for almost 10 years. I had a partial mastectomy
> and my lymph nodes were clean. I had chemo, radiation and chemo and than 5 years
> on tamoxifin. I am 50 and was pushed into menopause. I'm so grateful to be
> alive but I'm having a terrible time with my weight. I know this sounds petty
> in the grand scheme of things but I'm so depressed. I thought when I finished
> the tamoxifin I would lose that weight and instead I have been slowly increasing
> since I ended the tamoxifin. I'm up over 25 lbs and have gone to Weight Watchers,
> 2 nutritionists, tried Atkins a couple of times and I walk or use the treadmill
> 4 times a week for 30 minutes. Whatever I try I'll lose maybe 2 pounds and then
> gain it back again. My family doctor hasn't been able to help me either. Is
> there anyone who knows what I can do or who I can talk to. Thanks for being
> here.


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    Hang in there, I gained weight while on chemo and I was 33 and pushed into menopause, now I'm forced into staying in it by taking lupron and aromotase inhibitor. I haven't had problem losing weight, but I noticed it was alittle slower. I really try to watch my fat intake, eat lots of fiber foods and exercise every day. I recommend doing pilates, I got the windsor pilates videos and they are wonderful. Tough at first, but for the last 6 months I've lost all the weight I gained while on chemo. Plus I walk regularly. Just keep at it, I also saw a nutritionist when I finished chemo it helped alot. good luck.