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I am not a breast cancer survivor, however, my Mother is. Two mastectomies...on in '97 and one in '01. She's doing great. Does anyone know if there is support (financial and otherwise) for reconstructive surgery overseas? I am particularly looking in the Middle East. Does anyone know if there exists a list of doctors who would perform the procedure at a discounted rate and if there are support groups like ACS overseas? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Perhaps you might be able to find information that can help you with this through the embassy of the country in question, or possibly through the international office of the Red Cross. The contact numbers can be obtained via websearch.
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    Hello Andi7. I do not know of any financial assistnce for over seas but perhaps your local hospital (where your Mom had her mastectomies) would be a place to start. It's not clear if you are considering coming to the US for this or if you just want to find some help where you are. Good luck to you and your Mom.
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    Thanks to both of you for your help. And best to you as well...