radiation side effects?

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I was diagnosed with HD in 1995 went through radiation was in remission rediagnosed in 1997 went through chemo. On June 30,03 it will be five years scince I completed my treatments. Now I have a fibroadenoma in my right breast. They say it is probably benign. I know women who have chest radiation are at high risk for breast cancer. Has anyone out there had any experience with this?


  • LilPebbles7
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    Hi Janney,
    I was 12 when I had radiation to my chest for a tumor that was around my trachea. I had and still have some shortness of breath since then. Among other smaller things. At that time, I was so young that I didn't really realize what it would do to affect chances of breast cancer. I have been in remission for about 7 to 8 years and so far have not had any problems with my breast tissue. I do have a large family history of breast cancer so they are paying close attention to that area. Since I'm only 21 they had problems with trying to find someone that would give me a mammogram. But it was done for baseline purposes, to know if something shows up in the future. I think a lot of the affects that you may have will do with your age and how much radiation you actually receive. Just know that the followup care is probably just as important as trying to rid your body of the harmful cells. I wish you the best of luck with radiation and I know you'll make it through! Yes, you will be at a higher risk, but you've gotten this far... you will beat whatever comes in your path! just keep smiling!
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    Hi Janney: I am undergoing chemo treatment for breast cancer, diagnosed in March, 2003. I was diagnosed with HD in 1983. Doctors suspect that the cancer now is a direct result of the radition from 1983. Please make sure you have regular checkups and mammograms! I wasn't counting on this to happen.
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    I was treated for hodgkins in 1988/ I WAS treated with radiation and now am told that i am at a great risk for breast cancer since i was only 14 when i was treated i now go for yearly mammograms and i worry about the future