First chemo treatment - is this normal?

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I just had my first ABVD treatment yesterday. I was extremely scared and worried about all the side-effects. The treatment went smoothly and I began waiting for the sickness or effects to come. However, I still feel normal the day after treatment. I feel like the chemo isn't doing its job if I'm not getting any side-effects. And this of course worries me. I appreciate any answers or thought on this subject!


  • eric1
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    I think this is very normal. I went through the 12 ABVD treatments and they have a cumulative effect. For me, the first few treatments were quite easy to bounce back from. They only effected me for a day or so. The later treatments made me feel ill for a few days....just when I started feeling good I had to go back for another treatment. It's not easy but you can still do just about everything you want to do in your personal life but you will have to manage the side effects when they begin to show. Stay strong and don't take any crap from anyone when you are going through's your time to fight this disease and you WILL deserve some slack from family/friends. (see my previous message "anger is a good thing")
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    Hi ilaina,
    I agree with Eric. I am a leukemia survivor. Had my fair share of drugs and chemicals. Not all chemotherapy drugs will give the same side effects. HOWEVER, when you get tired or sick, and others want to help you, let them. Dont try to be superwoman and do everything your self. Your job now is to heal and fight cancer. God bless and good luck.
  • mooly13
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    Hi, Ilaina,

    When I went through my ABVD treatments, my side effects varied. The very first treatment hit me 2 days later and all I did was sleep all day. The rest of the treatments went without a hitch but I had small side effects to the steroids I was given. The later treatments would cause my legs to shake and be very weak and my husband had to help me even walk to the bathroom because I couldn't do it by myself. I also agree with mc2001 and eric1. If you don't feel strong enough to do anything, let other people do it for you. If you want to cry, do it. Don't let friends or family members give you any crap. It's your illness and your fight; no one else can fight it for you. Just stay positive and keep your sense of humor and you'll be fine.
  • maemaebears
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    hi,information i was given on side effects when i went through the treatments was it affects everyone differently.. i didn't have the side effects at first but then as the treatments continued i had more and more and they will be doing routine weekly checks or so to mke sure it is doing it's job..Good luck and God Bless
  • dpomroy
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    ABVD is state of the art, the strongest stuff they can give's working!

    You are just one of those lucky people who have few side effects from the treatment. Hopefully it will stay that way for you.

    Good luck to you.
  • Moof
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    Yes I know what you mean about your first treatment and you feeling fine. I felt that way too, and then as the treatments went on I just got more sick. I was also on ABVD, and I had 8 rounds of it and by my last round they had me on so much medication to try to keep me from getting sick that all i wanted to do was sleep.
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