Stay Positive

waynee Member Posts: 1
I was diagnosed in June of 2001 with NHL.I went through chop,and had the BMT done.I was down to 134 lbs,I now weigh 190 lbs.I have had 5 cat scans since treatment and the Dr has told me everything is fine.I still get stinkin thinkin at times any little ache upsets me.I just take it a day at a time stay positive and pray to God.


  • gloje
    gloje Member Posts: 1
    I was diagnosed Jan. 2003. I went threw chop/rotoxin/radiation/ It is a year later i faced my scans again on friday. My hair stands on ends just thinking about what could be. But what if will be the rest of our lives. We have no control. What we do have control of is our faith we must believe. Have faith everything is possible. your in my thoughts waynee