PSA after 40 radiation treatments

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My husband just finished his 40th radiation treatment 2 weeks ago and just got the results of his PSA test after going thru the radiation. Before the radiation his PSA was 0.19 and now it is 0.17. Not much difference, however, his primary Doctor"s nurse said that the number was good and within the tolerance Zone. He has an appt. with his Primary Doctor in a week, and I'm wondering if he will suggest Lupron. Does anyone have any ideas on this topic? Would appreciate anyone's info who's been thru the radiation and with the same kind of results. I am just concerned about being to worried if there is not a major problem and making my husband more worried. Thank-you


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    I'm a little surprised that the numbers were only 0.17-0.19! Are you sure that it wasn't 1.7-1.9?? Was radiation the only treatment? If the numbers are correct it seems senseless to worry about anything at this stage! FYI I had RP 5 yrs ago & my psa was 0.1 for 3 1/2 yrs then rose to 1.3 over a yr so I opted for 36 radiation treatments. My reading 1 more yr later is now 5.1 and I'm confirming that next month to make sure it is not "lab error". After that the only treatment left at this point in time is hormonal (Lupron etc). BUT the problem is and has always been is that I feel fine!
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    The most important thing is not the P.S.A as making sure it does not go up. In my case radiation did not help at all. I am now on lupron with casodex and so far so good.