Newjersey25 deserves congratulations!!!

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Hi! I am Fawn's sister-in-law - I actually told her about this site, so every now and then I read the posts. (I do this not to be nosy, but mostly to learn!) Anyway, I don't think Fawn told you all - she recently participated in a Breast Cancer walk. With the help of her Aunt Donna and many others, she raised over $2,000 for research. I have watched her go from victim to survivor - learning, helping others, and really getting involved. I am so proud of you Fawn! Hang in there! Love, Lisa


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    Well done Fawn.
  • bunnie
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    way to go fawn.bunnie
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    KEWL fawn! Good job! At both raising the money and being A SURVIVOR! and surfgirl your welcome here anytime. hummingbyrd
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    Congratulations. Way to go. I am from New Jersey too, a town called Glassboro, any where near you guys. God Bless and Thanks for the work that Fawn has done for all of us. Sandy