Laughter Best Medicine: Update

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There's a second online book sample of cartoons by Steve Gould. Go to, then click on "Coping" followed by "Reading Room" and then "Online Books." Besides "Thank God It's Only Cancer", there's "A Lighter Look at the C word!" Both online book samples made me laugh out loud (LOL)! (And no, I am not related to Steve or an agent of oncolink!)


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    Thanks for the info on oncolink. We all need a good laugh once in a while. Finished radiation in Dec.for DCIS. Trying to keep it together.
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    I found out about humor from my grandfather cause he had a bad heart.He told me that humor can get a person through just about anything that is thrown at them. My dad told me when he got his dx the same thing. I use that now as a way of dealing with my second dx of cancer. I even used it in the hospital while recovering from surgery.I had a masectomy and started cracking jokes about it about the day the surgeon told me that I needed a masectomy. I even crack jokes about being on medical leave.SO WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS GET RICH MAKE LEMON AID.