surel nerve graft

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I am 46 and I was diagnosed in Aug. 9, 2002 with a 15.9 my gleason was a 7 at pre op and an 8 post op it was just breaking through the gland when i had the RP. so far my p.s.a. has remained 0.01 yea!.
I went to the University of MIchigan hospital at the time of my surgery they harvested a nerve from from my ankle and grafted it in place of one they could not save. I was told this is a new procedure I was the 51st patient to receive this treatment.
and there are only two other hospitaols doing it now one in new york and one in texas. would appreciate any comments from others who have had this treatment


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    I was 41 when I was diagnosed and I had a RP performed in Texas on 3/7/02. I lost one of my sural nerves and had the sural nerve graft procedure performed at time of surgery. The doctors here have performed this procedure numerous times. I am an avid runner and the numbness in my leg/foot does not bother me. The dr told me it takes 1 to 1 1/2 years before the nerve graft takes effect. Since I am so young, I am happy I had the procedure done. Plus, I was lucky a dr so close to me does the procedure. Good Luck!