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Hello everyone. I am in the last phase of Cancer Treatment. Today I had boost #4 of 9, making that #29 of 34 total. After treatment #23 a week ago Thursday, my tissue broke down around the surgery site of my axilla, under my treated breast, and across my neck and collarbone. I was using the biafine as the doctor advised, but it didn't seem to prevent the terrible conditions I was experiencing. Each day was worse and I had two additional treatments once this broke out. The skin was broken and just terribly uncomfortable. I would weep when I woke up in the morning because of the pain under my arm with the wound breaking open. Plus I was just so tired of everything. Thursday the radiation tech suggested Aquaphor and I used that thick over my radiation areas during the night. Friday I took a shower and the Aquaphor had softened the skin enough to get rid of the crispy bits and I felt Much Better! I recommend the Aquaphor and wish I had been using it sooner. I admit I was expecting a cream, but the Aquaphor is like vaseline and really protects and heals. Hope my experience helps someone. I pretty much sailed through the other treatments (3 surgeries - biopsy, lumpectomy w/sentinel node, axilla removing 19 more nodes -- 4 rounds of AC), but the radiation has been the hardest part for me. 6 more to go. Some say to me "only 5 more!", but I am saying "still 5 more". I am truly looking forward to May 20 which will be my first day of No Cancer Treatment. Love and hugs to all of you brave people. We are the warriors!


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    Hi..I just can't tell you how happy I am that you wrote. I just finished radiation May 7...and am having the same condition as you. I will try the Aqua cream. I also was using Biafine..I'm so miserable and hurt but know that it's over...and for you too very, very soon!!! Think positive and thanks again for writing. Linda
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    I finished radiation on Dec 6th and due to a rather large breast had a great deal of burning underneath. I found by far the best thing was my dear huge aloe vera plant. They are full of wonderful healing jucie. I healed very fast when putting a good amount on twice a day and laying down and letting air to it. I had chemo first, surgery and then radiaton. Husband starts radiation very soon for prostate cancer. Think we are surporting Vanderbilt cancer center. We need all the prayers we can get. My first post but have been reading you gals for some time. What a great group.
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    Hey Marysun, I used a vit. E cream and I did not burn until the last three treatments. Then it was like a very bad sunburn with peeling skin etc. It has been since November and I am still "tanned" under my arm. I also have a thickening the doc said it was like scar tissue on the reconstructed breast. Was told to massage it. I read a book on Chinese healing and the guy recommended thinking of cold things while you were getting the radiation. I thought of sitting out in the cold (from new jersey) during my children's soccer games or we have a Christmas drive through Nativaty scene outside, and I thought about that too. Don't know if it helped. Will be praying for you. May 20th will be here before you know it. God Bless. Sandy
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    HI marysun, I am so sorry that you feel all this pain and misery during radiation.I wish I could be there to help you. Keep the faith it is almost over, May 20th will be here soon and you will be done and can rest. I too had radiation, 34 treatments last year, I hardly got burned, just some redness, like a sunburn, my doctor gave me Aquaphor right away , a whole bag full of samples, it helped a lot. I was just tired by the end of 6 weeks. I am doing fine now and YOU will be too. Glad you found us. We are all here for you. God bless you ((hugs)) emmi