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My husband just had radical prostetectemy a week ago. We will receive the pathology report on Monday. The doctor is pessimistic that it was contained within the prostate. (Husband is 53). How do we get a second opinion on next steps? His surgery was at Georgetown University Hospital. When we call Hopkins the receptionist says they only deal with patients they have performed surgery on. How can we get someone affilitated with their program to review his case and recommend follow-up treatment?? Thanks for your help.


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    Sorry to have taken so long to respond.
    Wanted to think on this one.
    Firstly, has the tests shown or indicated that the cancer has expanded beyond the prostate?

    Secondly, ask them (Georgetown) for a few referrals for second opinions. They may be more inclined to provide some willing associates. Even John Hopkins. ??

    Asking for a second opinion before the test results are in MAY have seemed or appear to be a little confrontational to the doctors and thus, they may be avoiding it.

    IF, the results show escape, ask for a second opinon from Georgetown and a list of recommended referrals.

    An alternative is to have the tests re-done at another hospital and see if the results are the same. (not sure what tests or how evasive this is?)

    Check with YOUR INSURANCE carrier. They are usually very helpful re-second opinions, especially if it shows they won't have to spend as much.

    Regardless, this is a very emotional and traumatic thing to experience even under ideal conditions. Take it one step at a time.

    The American Cancer Society should be of assistance -- I would be very disapointed if they did not help. Contact them via this web page and contact your local office.

    Document, question and fully understand what your present doctor is recommending for treatment once the pathology is KNOWN.

    If, it was not contained, there are treatments and procedures. Your striving to get a FULL and clearer picture of the situtation is good but do not tarry to long re: treatment IF it was not contained.

    I found myself originally blaming the doctor that told me I had prostate cancer. After the emotional blowup-- he understands the emotion if he is any good at all. Guess I was trying to shoot the messenger. In fact, he told me the facts straight, no holds. In reality, it was he who submitted his testing (locally-Fresno,CA) to Stanford for a second opinion thus, I believe your present doctor is a professional too and will work with you to relieve any mis-conceptions.

    Hope this helps, if I can be of further help advise.
    Best of luck and God bless.
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    Make sure your husband goes for his 3 month husband had the same surgery 2 yrs. ago...when he went to make his 3 month checkup after his last follow up visit after the surgery the office said he did not need to come back for a year. He did that and when he had his PSA level checked in March of this year his PSA was 0.6...he went through 7 weeks, every day for 15 minutes radiation, he had bone and body scans to see if it showed a spread of cancer...they came beck we just went back for another PSA results and his level is still says that it may be in remission or there could be some small cancers cells floating around in his body. Doctor said to come back in 3 months to see if the level has risen or stayed the same. Said radiation is strong and dosen't know why his PSA is still at 0.6. If it does goes up after the 3 months then they are going to do another bone and body scan. Needless to say we are very worried. [email protected] My husband is 52.