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I have a question-Has anyone ever had a very bad radiation burn and had their radiation delayed for 3 weeks? I've already had 28 treatments-8 more to go. Does this lessen the effectivenes alot? Thanks for any info.


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    I don't have an answer to your question, but I'm sure some in the group will. I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry you have such a bad burn and now, a delay. You've already had over 75% of your treatments, so hopefully this delay will not affect your results.

    I had 33 rads. Fortunately, I didn't burn badly.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Take care,
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    I had everything delayed, chemo, radiation, and I'm doing well, so I hope that helps you feel more comfortable. I also had bad burns. The rad onc gave me sulfadine which really helped heal the burns. I didn't have to delay as long as they thought. The worst burns were under my breast and near my lymph node incision, also a little on my neck above my collar bone. It helps to lie in front of a fan or underneath a ceiling fan and really let the area get some air and dry out. I have a teenage son and had to warn him what I was up to :-) I hope you heal quickly - take care - Diane
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    Dear Sun
    In a word YES. I was burned in several places. The worst being on my neck. It was after about 24 treatments. I had to delay treatment for 10 days, when they resumed they avoided the burned area with my final 11 treatments. They gave me a cream to put on it, but it didnt seem to help. The only thing I found that healed the burning pain was just ice and to BE NAKED..LOL in front of the window AC unit. Someone told me to try Vit. E-but I think it was too late to really help. And now I have a really nice little scar on my neck to remind me of the whole experience.
    Good luck and God Bless
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    I haven't started radiation yet, by my radiation oncologist told me months ago to get a good stock of as close to 100% aloe lotion as I could get. I got mine from www.hbandf.com and got Jason Natural Cosmetics and Lily of the Desert products. She says I will be required to apply it 2 hours before radiation and then again afterwards to help prevent burning. They had warned me that it would be very clear if I was not following the protocol as radiation treatments would need to be suspended until a burn healed up. They mentioned that even with Aloe it was still possible to get burned, but the chances went down a lot. I don't know if your radiation department would agree with what I was told, but maybe the aloe could heal you up a little while you are waiting to go back on radiation.