i feel like i cant talk

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help i've gotten such bad mouth sores and it looks as if my tongues is a bluish purple at some spots right after my 3rd chemo, has anyone experienced that or have any comforting suggestions ? Love and hugs to all Mariat.


  • DeeNY711
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    Please inform your doctor of this right away. There are medications that will help.
  • cruf
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    It sounds like you may have thrush. There are meds to get rid of that.Good luck. Feel better. HUGS!! Cathy
  • badger
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    Momof4 - after my last chemo (in March) my mouth developed such sores that I couldn't do much except whimper. The doctor can prescribe something called "Magic Mouthwash", which helps to numb the pain. I lived on Jello, applesauce and 7/11 Slurpies (great!) for about ten days. Upside --I lost weight! Ask your doctor for the magic mouthwash.
  • chemoqueen1
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    My nurses have me rinsing w/Baking Soda and Salt water 5 times a day. So far it has prevented getting mouth sores. Once you get rid of them try doing this everyday 5-6 times a day. It really has helped me.
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    momof4, my friend who is just about to start her second treatment had terrible sores after the first one. The doctor gave her a mouthwash which is some combination of benadryl and maalox. Ask your doctor. Hugs
  • ksfc
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    Agree with the others - magic mouthwash or Diflucan will help and you may be able to prevent them next time. Take care Diane