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Hello Recently my dad (54 year-old) was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with metastasis to the liver. He was operated and has a "permanent" colostomy. He has recovered really fast, and actually is starting to do the things he likes. Next week he will see the oncologist to start both chemotherapy and radiation. Any tips? Any survivors? I am really lost in this subject, I am 22 and trying to do the best I can.


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    First of all, make sure you tell your dad his progress is awesome! GOOD FOR HIM! His attitude will help him get through any rough times.

    With regards to chemo, he may or may not even have any side effects. I worked full time while I got my treatments. I went once a week for 4 weeks, and then was off for two weeks. It's important for him to take each day as he seems fit. If he's tired, rest. If he feels energetic, then roll with it. Drink a lot of water on the chemo days, this will help keep him hydrated, and flush his system of the chemo drugs easy. I don't know if this was helpful, but let me know if I can do more.

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    I had surgery for stage II colon cancer about 6 weeks ago. I just had my second chemotherapy session. So far no side effects. I have gotten lots of tips from these message boards. Someone said suck on ice about 10 minutes before the chemo session, during the chemo session and for about 10 minutes afterwards. This should minimize any mouth sores. Call 1-800-4-CANCER and request booklets concerning chemotherapy and radiation and colon cancer. I found them very informative and helpful. Read other people's messages for other tips too. Keep a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Your dad is lucky to have such a caring child. Regards, fandaj
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    I am 47, dx in nov 2001, stage 4, had surgery, took a long time to recover and now doing third dose of chemo.
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    eshand said:

    I am 47, dx in nov 2001, stage 4, had surgery, took a long time to recover and now doing third dose of chemo.

    My father is also stage iv and 47 yrs old. Had surgery and is in chemo- how are you holding up? he has good and bad days, but always fighting..now they are changing him over to cpt-11 from oxiliplatin which didnt reduce the tumors in his liver, but they did not spread either. hope you're doing well!