mets to lung anyone?

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Anyone have mets to lung? If so I'd like to hear from you! How long have you had lung mets and what kind of treatments are you finding successful? Anyone experience other health problems related to this? ie. plueral or pericardial effusion, pneumonia.. etc. I was dx with lung mets in November and would love to know I'm not alone!


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    I know lots of people w/ lung cancer and w/ mets to lung, mine went to the bone. Can tell you lots of people survive w/ breast cancer mets to lung. Guess that's why you haven't gotten a response! They all did so well they don't even visit our site anymore! Keep the faith and stay informed, you'll be fine. God bless. hummingbyrd
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    I am 7 years out from mets to both lungs and the sternum from intraductual breast cancer diagnosed first time in 1993. The met. occurred just less than my three year mark. I joined a clinical trial using Taxol and Carboplatin(receiving the doses in increasing amounts in order to identify the toxicity(sp?) ranges when the two drugs were combined).I had remarkable response to the treatments. I was 36 yrs. old then,(Now 42) and as some other here have heard, went on to become pregnant approx. 3 months following the 4 months of intensive treatments. My daughter is my miraclebaby and continues to be perfectly healthy. I have had no further treatments since Nov. 1996.The first round of chemo was FAC in '93.
    I have had no extreme problems with my lungs (other than developing asthma and emphasemia from smoking.)No fluid build up or pneumonias etc.If you have anything else I can help with email me . My Best to You and All of Us Here, Miraclebaby( Debbie)