finished chemo

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Hi just thought i would let everyone know i finished chemo on firday what a wonderfull feeling that.see everyone around on the chat room. bunnie


  • DeeNY711
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    Hooray for Bunnie!!! What great news!
  • squeeboo
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  • bullfrog13
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    all together now.. HAPPY DANCE!!
  • bbuie
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    Congrats! Here's a BIG hug for ya!
  • minnie112256
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    Congrats Bunnie. I finished a couple of months ago and it is a good feeling.
  • ksfc
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    Congrats!!!! Find a way to celebrate!

  • KarenMcD
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    Congrats! I just finished yesterday. What a ride that was.
  • sandytrif525
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    Bunni, What a great thing. Now on to bigger and better things. Congrats. sandy
  • banker
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    great news, you made it !!!! (((hugs))) emmi
  • bunnie
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    KarenMcD said:

    Congrats! I just finished yesterday. What a ride that was.

    Hi sandy glad too hear that you just finished chemo also know we can go back too somewhat normal lives.
  • cbailey
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    Congratulations, Bunnie! It is a great milestone to make! Life will be better soon! Just keep getting those good reports, Thank God, and LIVE! I'm a survivor too!....Carol