golf balls ..update

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Thanks to all of you gals who replied to my earlier question. I still have the golf balls under my arms ...double masectomy (simple/modified) on March 19,2003. My surgeon said she will remove them surgically in about 6 months. She claims that the hanging "golf balls" are present because of my weight.
I started chemo yesterday...A/C 4 doses. So far, no hints of radiation therapy.
Thanks, again.


  • Kimm
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    I am just behind you in diagnosis...i have three large lumps i my left armpit, and found out Tuesday that I have lump in breast and both are bad cancer. they are starting chemo after some bone marrow tests next week ad then will remove golf balls after 6 months when they have shrunk down and then I will endure radiation they said.
    hopefully all will be right for us both.