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I am not on taxol yet, but I am having shooting pains that sometimes make me unable to walk. I had bilateral mastectomy and an abdominal trans flap surgery early Feb. When I mentioned it to the plastic surgeon right after surgery she said it was probably internal stitches and could be expected, but its getting worse, not better. I finished 3 out of 8 chemotherapy treatments and want to deal with the groin pain later. But, sometimes I am in quite severe pain. Most of the time, I'm not. Any thoughts?


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    Hi Sandis:

    You're just about half way there on the chemo and that's great news! However, you certainly don't need that leg pain making you miserable!

    I've never had that particular problem but I'm wondering if perhaps it could be a nerve? If a nerve becomes irritated/inflamed, it seems logical that it could feel like a shooting pain sensation and travel. Just a thought.

    Main thing is to insist that your doctor get to the bottom of it. Let him/her know that it's getting worse and needs addressing. With that remedied you can more comfortably focus on your upcoming Taxol and continue taking good care of yourself.

    Perhaps someone else here has had this experience and can shed some light.

    Wishing you the best.

    Love, light and laughter,