Real hair vs sythitic hair wig

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Hi can any one tell me the pros and cons of real hair wig vs a sythitic hair wig getting ready to get one on tuesday and not sure which way i want to there a whole lot of difference in appreances?also what about taking care of the wigs is there a big differnce on how they are taken care of.if anyone could help clear things up for me would be appreciated.thanks bunnie


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    Hi Bunnie,
    I had one of each. My synthetic wig was the easiest hair I've ever had, and it always looked great - I've never had so many compliments on my hair. I just washed it in the sink about once a week and let it air dry overnight, and the next day it looked great. My synthetic, on the other hand, was a pain to take care of, so I hardly ever word it. I actually got it for exercising in from a place called Hip Hat, and it was just partial wig that you could wear under a hat or bandanna. But it was so hard to take care of that I just ended up wearing the hat or bandanna by itself. Also, be sure to check with your insurance - they may pay for it (mine did). I had my dr. write a prescription for a cranial cap prosthesis. Hope this helps!
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    Dear Bunnie, I had two synthetic ones and one human hair one. The synthetic ones were great. Like Lisa said, wash in the sink and I hung it in the tub and the next morning gave it a little shake and good to go. I also never got so many compliments on my "hair". the human one, well the first time I washed it, I hung it in the tub and the next morning, poof. It looked like something the cat drug in. I did not realize you must "style" the human wigs. Blow dry, curl, set what ever you would do to your own hair. I don't think it looked any better than the synthetic wigs. Any more they make them look so good. It makes me kind of miss them. not too much though. Hope this offers some advice. May the Lord Jesus bless you. Sandy
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    Hi Bunnie:

    I ended up with 3 wigs, many caps, hats, turbans, bandanas and a couple of sleep caps. All came from different retailer sources. I tried the human hair wigs but found that they were not as simple to care for. More difficult to style. I found no difference in appearance and only the slightest difference in feel. I prefered the synthetics.

    The wig shop had a special shampoo for synthetics and it was sooo easy to care for them. You will want several of the "wig heads". (They're great for combing/styling your wig(s).

    My own hair was naturally wavy and curly, so I got one wig which was similar. The other two were straighter styles. I ended up wearing one of them more than the others. Since I was "bald" during the summer months, I found that I actually wore a wig very little. Too hot! When I was going out, etc. I preferred one of the hats more often than not for everyday errands, our my son's sports events, etc.. When going out to dinner, etc., I'd wear a wig. At home, I really liked wearing nothing on my head or just a sleep cap. Something I didn't like was the "scratchy" feeling of my "fuzz" on the pillows at night, so the sleep caps became essential. (I got those from the ACS catalog)

    I think proper fit is the most important thing. Beyond that, it's a matter of what YOU like. Many of us take the opportunity to experiment and get colors different from our natural hair color. It can be fun!

    My insurance reimbursed 80% of the wig costs. Most insurance companies are now required to have a plan for this. Many have a limit of 500 - 1,000 dollars. (You'll find that the human hair wigs are more expensive)

    Have fun with it and remember, it's temporary.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi bunnie,
    I too choose the synthetic wigs, have 3, because of the care. Human hair wigs cost much more and have to be styled by a beautician which adds to the cost. Synthetic ones you can wash yourself with the special shampoo and conditioner that is sold in the same stores where the wig is purchased. I bought one of the styrofoam heads to put the wig on (about $5.00 extra) My insurance did not pay for the wigs. I payed anywhere from $55.00- $175.00. Hope this helps. Emmi
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    I agree with everyone else. My synthetic wig is 100% wash and wear. I appreciate this because I need my "spare" time for exercising after my mastectomy, getting to my chemo sessions, picking up prescriptions, etc. Find somebody who really specializes in wigs and can cut and style your synthetic wig to your personal needs and wishes. My wig cost approx. $350 and at that price range they weave in many strands of hairs of slighty different colors so it looks very natural. Also the scalp where I part my hairstyle looks very natural. My chemo nurse was asking me one day if I had any side effects from chemo yet. I lifted up the side of my wig and said, "Well, of course all my hair fell out!" She looked at my wig very closely and said she has been giving chemo transfusions for over 30 years and thought my wig was the best she'd seen! So you don't have to spend $1,000 to get a good one. My health insurances (I have two) paid the entire cost under "medical equipment."
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    Bunnie, I agree with everyone else on this one. I had a synthetic wig & I never received so many compliments on my hair. I had two friends with human hair wigs & they had to style it almost daily. Wash & wear with the synthetic wig is the way to go. Never able to get ready for work, etc. so quickly as when I had the wig. The wig will be hot in the summer so some scarfs & hats would be great alternatives. Also, I was not comfortable with my wig at first & then found a place that had stylists that worked with wigs. They can cut it to your face & you'll feel more comfortable with it. Good luck! Mariaz
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    Well to be honest with you. I bought an sythnitic wig several weeks before I needed it so that it would match as close to my own hair as possible. It was the only one I had so I have nothing to compare it to. It was easy to care far, but HOT. I live in TEXAS and it was June - September when I was bald--- so I rarely wore the stupid thing. Mostly just did hats or the harley do-rag thing. Hair started coming back in around NOvember before it cold so I just went ''aaaNaturallll" after all with hair about 1/2 inch long. NOW that was NO help at all was it????
    well HUGS to you anyway.